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New House, New Workbench!

After trying various corner kludges (see the first pic. Yikes!) I decided I needed a real workbench to get to the projects I’ve been putting off since moving into the new house.

There was already a nice little nook in the basement. I think the previous owners must have had a TV set up in there. Since we dont really use the basement for anything other than laundry and treadmill storage (I really will use it soon, promise), it seemed like the perfect spot to build an electronics tinkering lab.

I’ve got some ideas for what needs to go in:

  • I’d like a desk at a good height to stand & work, which will give me plenty of space for storage underneath. I’ve also got a nice chair from my time at Tweeter that would work with a standing-height desk.
  • It needs to have some shelves / trays to store random parts obviously 
  • A way to integrate a power supply is ideal also…
  • Lighting, both ambient and bright task lighting for soldering the little bits together

How do all project’s start? With a trip to Ikea! Hopefully I can find some inspiration there, and hopefully it’ll be in the clearance area…


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