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i just added some video of the guitar hero midi controller in action on YouTube: The video’s should be done processing shortly.

I’ll be debuting the guitar in public at my band’s next show –
Cerca Trova @ Jaxx in springfield, VA Saturday May 31 @ 9:00pm

The pages the whole project is spread out on –
GHMC – program and introduction page
GHMC – musician’s user’s guide
GHMC – youtube video1, video2, video3

Hope to see you at the show.


3 Responses to “MeTube”

  1. Dude, this is genius. Do you have a detailed wiring diagram anywhere around here? I would love to replicate this!

  2. I would love to get one of these. Are you willing to make and sell one????

    • Actually – I have been making and selling them.
      I’ve been selling them for $200 + shipping (which is usually around $25 within the 48 states and ~$70 to UK/australia so far…)

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