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May 19, 2008

i just added some video of the guitar hero midi controller in action on YouTube: The video’s should be done processing shortly. I’ll be debuting the guitar in public at my band’s next show – Cerca Trova @ Jaxx in springfield, VA Saturday May 31 @ 9:00pm The pages the whole project is spread […]

LCD display –> out

May 15, 2008

while assembling the hardware last night, i decided the lcd display really took away from the asthetics of the whole guitar hero controller and made it look too cyborgy. i’ll leave the code in and commented out, but dont anticipate using an lcd on my own anytime in the future. I’ve been toying with adding […]

getting there…

May 12, 2008

as of this morning most of the hardware is mounted. i’ve just got to wire up the lcd and adjust the contrast voltage. i think for future revisions, i’d incorporate the 6-pin programming header into the midi plug. i’d also get a custom board made to simplify life with all the wiring. right now i […]

it’s alive!

May 9, 2008

it works! it only took until 3 in the morning, but it works and works well, the refresh rate is way higher than i expected. I can play as fast as I want and not lose a single note. it turns out the major obstacles came down to a few little things that were really […]


May 8, 2008

midi_pin_layout Originally uploaded by TheSlapyak I made a nice midi pin diagram for anyone who like me couldnt find a good one out there. there wont be any progress to speak of on the guitar until the weekend – one other note: it seems the guitarduino programming has some issues. i was hoping to just […]


May 8, 2008

no real progress, it turns out the guitar does not like to have it’s voltage reversed… so i’ve got a new one. the store was kind enough to let me swap it out. other than that testing was going well. i think i’m getting some kind of interferance with all the serial transmissions going on. […]

back to work

May 6, 2008

after a nice little vacation to virginia beach. I was back to work on the guitar. i spent a few hours on it last night and managed to get quite a bit done. the midi library is almost complete (sending an unspecified value rather than BYTE type was killing me until i found the error). […]

you meet the nicest people on a honda OR: how the arduino steals your sleep

April 29, 2008

still being new to arduino and physical computing in general… what was supposed to be the simple task (is anything ever…) of getting the 1×16 lcd up and running in 4bit mode was anything but. i learned a few little nuggets that may be helpful to others in the future. this is for the arduino […]

Overview of the guitar hero midi controller.

April 29, 2008

below is the quick rundown of what i hope to accomplish and how i intend on doing it. hopefully i’ll be taking pictures and making posts as i progress. to anyone reading this, my code may not be the best, but it will work! i’m certainly open to any help/suggestions/improvements/ideas. now onto the project… Abstract: […]