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LCD display –> out

while assembling the hardware last night, i decided the lcd display really took away from the asthetics of the whole guitar hero controller and made it look too cyborgy. i’ll leave the code in and commented out, but dont anticipate using an lcd on my own anytime in the future. I’ve been toying with adding a small plexi/led keyboard design to illustrate which key the user is in, and possibly a similar display for the mode, but that sure seems like a lot of leds for functions that will most likely be set it and forget it. maybe a good solution would be to make the keys one color for major and another for minor, or just eliminate the funny modes and stick with simple major and minor.

i’ll tinker with it when i get in tonight and check it out. i’ve got the switching all worked out. there’s an over-ride switch located near the battery in the wii-mote compartment, and a slide switch that turns the unit on when the neck is in place. it makes it easier to turn off and on without opening the thing up every time.


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