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I made a nice midi pin diagram for anyone who like me couldnt find a good one out there. there wont be any progress to speak of on the guitar until the weekend –

one other note: it seems the guitarduino programming has some issues. i was hoping to just throw in jleyrer’s code and be on my way, but no such luck. so it looks like i need to take the guitar programming back to square one and figure out what went wrong in either the original from jleyrer or in my implementation of that code. if nothing else, he seems to have figured out the bitstream, which is a huge headache lifted.

oh, and i discovered the midi touchpad on tuesday – this may be something i need to look into incorporating into my design. a small ps2 pad or even an optical ps2 mouse sensor may be a cool addition. you could even put the optical sensor out the back and have it see the movement of the guitar on your body. just to give the sound some color and life. or maybe the touchpad could fit where the wii-mote would go during normal operation. – first i need to get the basics working, then the really crazy stuff can find its way in…


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