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back to work

after a nice little vacation to virginia beach. I was back to work on the guitar. i spent a few hours on it last night and managed to get quite a bit done. the midi library is almost complete (sending an unspecified value rather than BYTE type was killing me until i found the error). i can send almost whatever i want based on my outline in the user’s manual(which i’ll post as it nears completion). i think i’m going to get a prototype board printed up to make the circuit easier to assemble. i may even offer these for sale based on the interest from the select few who have seen the progress so far.

tonight the plan is to get the guitar library assembled and begin interpreting the wii data and outputing to the lcd. the main program is already set up to send midi output, so that should just fall in line. and i’m continuing to comment every last detail in the files and libraries. i find it really helps me to understand what i am doing. teaching is a great way to learn yourself…

the last pieces of hardware are in the mail (smd leds for the output section). with any luck i’ll be playing a song by the time i go to bed…


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