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editplus – a giant tool

no hardware work to speak of due to the release of GTA IV last night and band practice tonight. i have been writing up the readme.txt and some of the midi library i plan on releasing when the project is completed. i’m really doing my best to comment everything so well that my cat could understand what’s going on. i hope this can help out with some other cool projects in the future too.

all this brings me to my main point: editplus is simply the best multi-language text editor i’ve used. its great for everything from java to c++ to html to whatever. you can even add your own language to it. it doesnt code for you, but looks for syntax, spelling, and other errors as well as colors in functions and things similar to the arduino environment. its a great tool that i highly reccomend. its free to try(full version) & $35 to register (program never locks you out, just gives you a nag screen on startup)

for the record i’m not affiliated in any way with editplus.


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