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Overview of the guitar hero midi controller.

below is the quick rundown of what i hope to accomplish and how i intend on doing it. hopefully i’ll be taking pictures and making posts as i progress. to anyone reading this, my code may not be the best, but it will work! i’m certainly open to any help/suggestions/improvements/ideas. now onto the project…

create a midi controller from a wii guitar hero 3 controller.

potential pitfalls:
*4 main control/display points, all with built-in timing pitfalls:
guitar hero controller (I2C)
arduino (brain) (additional control buttons)
1×16 LCD display (4bit serial)
MIDI output (31250 baud serial)
*control scheme needs to be simple yet robust and effective.

resources that will prove invaluable:
Tom Igoe –
various bits and pieces from the arduino refernce library and community

some people are great about detailing every part, where it came from and how much it cost. i am not.
parts list:

RBBB arduino clone ($11) (
Boarduino for prototyping ($18) (
wii guitar hero controller ($50) (on sale at EB games)
LCD (electronics goldmine) ($2)
spare ribbon cable
resistors, LEDs, wire, solder, etc… (~5-10?)

i have detailed notes all laid out about control scheme and note/fingering structure. once everything gets a little more solid I’ll post some of them up here. off i go then…


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