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editplus – a giant tool

April 30, 2008

no hardware work to speak of due to the release of GTA IV last night and band practice tonight. i have been writing up the readme.txt and some of the midi library i plan on releasing when the project is completed. i’m really doing my best to comment everything so well that my cat could […]

you meet the nicest people on a honda OR: how the arduino steals your sleep

April 29, 2008

still being new to arduino and physical computing in general… what was supposed to be the simple task (is anything ever…) of getting the 1×16 lcd up and running in 4bit mode was anything but. i learned a few little nuggets that may be helpful to others in the future. this is for the arduino […]

Overview of the guitar hero midi controller.

April 29, 2008

below is the quick rundown of what i hope to accomplish and how i intend on doing it. hopefully i’ll be taking pictures and making posts as i progress. to anyone reading this, my code may not be the best, but it will work! i’m certainly open to any help/suggestions/improvements/ideas. now onto the project… Abstract: […]

Overview of the LED room lighting project

April 29, 2008

this here is my most recent project. until recently i have been a casual tinkerer. an engineer by trade, i enjoy taking things apart and grew up on legos. a friend at work introduced me to the arduino and after lusting after them for a little while i took the plunge. starting with only a […]